Why apply for a job on the InterTradeIreland Career Boost Programme?

Meet some of our project managers

  • Liam Dinning headshot Service Manager at Lough Tec
    Liam Dinning
    Service Manager, LoughTec

    I applied to Career Boost because I wanted to take the next steps in my career. Career Boost had a seamless and easy process to apply. InterTradeIreland were very supportive and communicated with me throughout the whole process. Career Boost helped me move into a project manager role. It brought the experience and support to help me deliver all the projects I was working on. I would recommend Career Boost to any graduate as it will help you take the next step in your career.

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  • Lauren Bradley Lynch Windows 720x720
    Lauren Bradley
    Lynch Windows Ltd

    This programme is a really good way to get into industry. You are working on real life projects and you are working with real clients. So, it helps to get your foot in the door. Looking at business and finance and strategy and things like that really opened up the other side of the business for me, to help improve my product. Lynch windows didn't have any in-house design before I started working here. So, with my expertise, I was able to bring in 3D design technical drawings and CAD. To other graduates thinking of applying I would tell them to go for it. Your employer understands that you are just a new graduate so you're not expected to have years of industry experience and you also have an academic there to help along the way.

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  • Oisin O Conchubhair Platinum Tanks 720x720
    Oisin O'Conchubhair
    Platinum Tanks Ltd, Co. Monaghan

    For me the programme was very beneficial because it allowed me to come back home and live the lifestyle that I really wanted to live. I had been in Dublin and I wasn't enjoying the commuting. The programme partners with a lot of smaller companies that maybe wouldn't be able to secure a graduate with the kind of skill set that I have. There was great camaraderie between the students doing the graduate diploma; a WhatsApp group and a Facebook page was set up so that we could discuss the project assignments. I would highly encourage any graduate to apply.

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